Roberts Coffee was prepared to launch their franchise in Islamabad F-7 in March 2020, but due to
COVID they had to delay their launch and all the traffic in their main area of gol-market was 90% dead. They finally decided to launch in late July and we started working with them in September 2020.At this time they had very few walk-ins and delivery orders

Case Study

A Finnish coffee shop chain that is all about love for fresh roasted coffee. It now stands as one of the best cafes of federal capital but when it started with us, it was not well-known in its area. Its CEO wanted more brand awareness through social media to expand its reach.

Working with Suraket Digital marketing has granted my business a huge deal of success within short amount of time.

Shopbolt’s goal was to make sure that users find the best item available based on their unique needs and preferences. They will find users the best place to buy what they need and order it for them so users don’t have to share their credit cards or create new accounts. In 2013, their Product Manager contacted us first and described everything. We started with small tasks like creating branding and templates. Then we started to make all the things happen and we become a technical partners of them. Results?


    There were budget issues in the initial stages which threw the plan off tracks in the first 60 days
    Events could not be held as planned due to COVID- 19


  1. Local Influencers / Bloggers
    • Local Influencers Free tasters by brand ambassadors Bloggers meet and greets open air
    Use regular product photography and short videos to portray the products and brand feel. Engage all the traffic in the local market through displays in the sitting area
    Use themed online content to build brand equity. Use giveaways and events to generate hype on the weekends. Partner with food delivery services like foodpanda to maximize deliveries.


As a result of successful campaigns for for Robert’s Coffee, the business of this café grew by leaps and bounds.


The daily revenue started increasing slowly at 1st but reached a peak of 220% during this campaign, with an average of 163% increase throughout this 6 month time frame.


This was one of our most successful campaigns in the last one-year.
Robert’s Coffee will be treated just as if it was our own initiative. All KPI’s will be strictly measured and all commitments will be fulfilled to the best of our abilities. Main learning was that consistent effort
and communication between key stakeholders is the most crucial factor in the success of any campaign.